We’re Nick and Bridget. Nick is a little bit of a wine nerd. And Bridget is just a person who enjoys a good glass of wine.

This is a wine podcast where you’ll learn just a little more about wine. This series won’t go total wine geek, but it does assume you know just a bit about wine already.

When you know that you like wine, and want to learn just enough to help you find the perfect bottle for your tastes and budget, we’re here for you with interviews from winemakers, winery owners, and more experts in the industry.We release seasons based on topics. When you listen to the season, you’ll have an intermediate level of knowledge about that topic. The next time you’re picking a bottle of wine, you’ll be able to sort through sea of choices and find the bottle that matches what you like.Wine 201 is hosted by Nick Vorpagel, a wine nerd, and Bridget Leech, a not so nerdy wine wine lover. We’re friends and we work together at Lake Geneva Country Meats, a butcher shop where Nick manages the wine and Bridget manages the marketing and events. Together, we’re able to provide the perspective and knowledge you need to enjoy your wine just a little bit more! Follow along on Facebook and Instagram at Wine 201 Podcast for year round content – even when we’re not releasing new seasons!