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When it comes to Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon, Staglin Family Vineyard is one of the best. To learn more about Cabernet Sauvignon, we were joined on the podcast by Amber Mihna, the Global Trade Sales Director at Staglin Family, and a fellow Wisconsinite.

Amber is one of the best wine educators and advocates for drinking wine that we’ve ever met. She was the perfect person to help us learn some basic facts about wine, wine production, and Napa Valley. From there, she helped us narrow down what it is about Cabernet Sauvignon that so many people like and how you can make sure you fine a great bottle for yourself.


Image courtesy of Staglin Family Vineyard

Let’s start the conversation here by just acknowledging that Staglin is expensive. Very, very few of us are ever going to be able to afford a bottle of this wine for anything but a special occasion, but let me tell you – it’s worth it.

Why is it worth it, you ask? Well, because it really is that good. The care the Staglin family puts into making the wine is incredible and tells in the bottle. I think buying from family properties makes a difference, and one of the reasons is that it’s a lot more rare to see a family put their name on something that’s not good or won’t have longevity.

Staglin has layers of flavor that you never knew existed before, and you don’t have to be a Somm to taste them. I opened a bottle for Bridget and our spouses one night to celebrate the end of recording the podcast, and we all loved how good it was. It was perfect to enjoy and celebrate.

For me, I personally like how Staglin balances fresh red fruit flavors with dark black fruit notes and then some of those layered flavors of anise, cedar, and other Cabernet-y things. Yes. I said “Cabernet-y” things. I’m not trying to be a total pretentious snob.

Napa Valley Cab should have freshness, and so many wines have gotten away from that – not Staglin, and I appreciate it. I think that freshness comes back to the fact that the Staglin Family respects the land, farms responsibly and produces wine that will proudly bear their name for years to come. It’s really good, I promise.

If you love Cabernet, you owe it to yourself to buy a bottle of a wine like Staglin (there are other great ones, but I love what the Staglin family does to support mental health and I dig their style) at least once every few years. Save up for it, split it with friends, and celebrate life. What else do we have to do?


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